Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tangled Up In You

I chose Staind's Tangled Up In You for my first "While your away" post because the song kick started this deployment.

"The song kick started your deployment?" Yes.

The night before my husband left, we wrote letters to each other. I also got him a card. The card being a sappy "I love you" card. Since I had already wrote him a long letter, and the card said pretty much what I thought- What else could I add? This song popped in my head. It's perfect. It's so how I feel about my husband. I wrote the lyrics on the inside of the card and reminded him I added it to a playlist I put on his ipod for me and him.

"You're the pills that take away my pain. You’re the light that helps me find my way."
When I'm hurting, upset, my husband is my comfort. He makes things better. When I feel lost, alone.. He is always there to remind me that he's right there with me, reminding me that I'm never alone.

"You're the hand I have to hold as I grow old."
He's the only person I could ever see myself growing old with. The only person I want to grow old with. If he wasn't, I wouldn't have married him.

"You're the shore when I am lost at sea. You're the only thing that I like about me."
He keeps me grounded. There have been several times where I felt as if I hated myself, nothing was going right- but I loved that I was with him. I felt lucky. The only thing I liked.. was him. He was IS always there to remind me how much I mean to him.

I can relate to every lyric of this song. And I don't think anyone could preform this song any better than Staind.

"I'm still Tangled up in you."


  1. LOVE this song. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this song! It's our song.....the one that we decided was the perfect representation of our relationship. When Sailorman first played this song for me I knew that I wanted to one day marry him. Thanks for sharing.