Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do you want in my Pants?

I stole this Idea from Goodnight Moon and Flipflops and Combat Boots. They seemed to have a lot of luck with it.. So, why not?!

I went through my closet and found SO MUCH I don't need/ don't wear. A little of everything. Jeans, Tops, Dresses AND shoes! I was going to put all this stuff on Ebay, but I realllly didn't want to take the time to put more than 35 items on Ebay. Although.. if I had put them on Ebay, I would have gotten more than I'm asking. I just want them gone, but need to make a little Mula in the process.

I was going to use the money for Photography stuff, but car issues popped up and then I remembered I'm moving {again} next month... So, Yeah.. I have really important things that I could use need extra cash for!

You can view the full list of items on Facebook, it's easier to list everything there.
Click HERE to view the Facebook album with tons of goodies :)

Here are a Few items I'm trying to sell:

American Eagle Artist Jeans $15 + Shipping
Size 8 REG
These fit a little smaller

American Eagle Capri's $10 + Shipping
Size 2 REG.
These fit loose.

Express Pencil Skirt $25 + shipping
Only worn Twice  ^Once in the shot above. Paid $75 for skirt.
Size 2
*ignore the clips and wrinkles ;)
Vintage Miss Ashlee Dress. $40 + Shipping
Cannot read the size on this dress. I'm going to say it's a Size 6 but with the belt it can be wore by smaller sized.
Only wore once (by Me, unknown by however many other people).
Blue Plate Dress $10 + Shipping
Size Medium
Only worn once for the shoot above.
Vintage Navy blue & White Polka dot dress $20 + Shipping
tag has been cut out by previous owner, I'm going to guess and say this dress is about a size 6
Andretta Donatello Dress. No known problems with this dress. $50 + Shipping
Size Small
Ignore the the white hanger in the second picture, It was needed to space the dress as if someone was wearing it.
I cannot read the brand on this dress. $35 + Shipping
Size 12
Dress is in good condition. There is some loose threads in the beading, but it's not noticeable. I didn't find any snags on this dress.
Charlotte Russe Size 8
$8 + Shipping
I LOVE these shoes! But, I don't ever dress up, so they just sit in my closet.
Wild Diva Size 8
$8 + Shipping
You can view the full list of items on Facebook. If you see something you want.. shoot me an email
Click HERE to view the Facebook album with tons of goodies :)


  1. Oh how I wish I was smaller so I could wear all of those lovely clothes! Actually, I'm smitten with those mary janes on your facebook page, but I'm a size nine. sigh!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the Blue Plate Dress!!! I would SO buy it, but I have "mommy" boobs now :( Boo hoo :

    It's a FREE BRIDAL GOWN giveaway!