Saturday, October 30, 2010

deployment Complaining

I'm posting this from my phone, so excuse me for any spelling errors or punctuation errors.

Lately, I have seen a lot of ladies posting negative things about deployment. I'm not talking about those who say they are preparing for it, not ready for it, makes them miss their husband.. etc. What I'm seeing that is bugging me is things like "dear deployment, I hate you", "Dear Deployment, you suck", "I hate the Navy, why does there have to be deployment", "there should not be deployments".. etc.

Maybe it's just me, but Deploment makes me proud. When my husband enlisted, we knew there would be deployment. He didnt sign up thinking he wouldnt be deployed. It's part of the job, being in the military. I accept that, and I'm proud of that. Because when he joined, I joined as his supporter and a military wife. I didn't agree to this to be a complainer, or Captain Negativity.

There will always be deployments. No matter if it's a time of war or peace times. It's part of the purpose of the military. Again, it's their job.

Honestly, I don't "hate" deployment. Yes, it may scare me, and I am going to worry and miss him more than anything in the world.. but I don't hate it because he signed up for this and I agreed to Deployments when I married him knowing he was leaving for the Navy.

Yea, there are going to be times where I'm going to think "Deployment, you suck!", but.. that will be me worrying and missing my husband. But the way I see it, it's not Deployments fault. Would my husband not be the one to blame? He enlisted, he signed up for Deployments.. then again, it would be MY fault. I married him. I signed up to got through deployments on the homefront.

I think sometimes, people have to have someone to blame for being upset, or unhappy. But, I've said this many times. You make your own happiness.
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  1. I will admit I am one of these people that says ' suck;i hate you; we are kicking your ass...etc.' deployment sucks because i miss my husband, i hate deployment because everything seems to always go wrong. we are kicking this deployments ass because its not breaking my marriage apart. I completely support my husband. I knew that my husband would be leaving due to deployments and i know that the military is going to be a life thing for us.

  2. agreed!!! I knew when I married my husband, and even when I dated him there would be deployments!
    I have this thing with people who keep saying "soldiers are dying how many will it take to bring them home?" Well as much as I know they should come home, I also know that they are there for one damn good reason and that's 9/11. We are there for that reason!
    I knew from DAY 1, my husband would be deploying more then once. Probably 8 or more times! But I knew I would stand by him, because I knew what he was doing was right!

  3. Where's the infamous "LIKE" button? :)

  4. Hi Christina!

    I am totally happy for you that you feel this way. Although, I have only been an Army Wife for a (VERY) short period of time. I agree with you 100%. You are absolutely correct.

    The Military is NOT the one to blame. I also hate it when the Joes feel this way about deployment, or even just BEING in the military. It is frustrating. The military has no room for people who are feeling negative about it. Now-a-days, since the military is overrun with people who come from being unemployed, it is just as easy to 'get out'. Ya know?

    Just stick with it. You are doing a fabulous job. Thanks for the awesome post! Again, I agree with you 100%. We signed up for this too! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. I think its very easy to say these things without you having experienced it. Deployment is rough. I sure as hell hate deployments. I really do. Why? Because my husband, and father to my child is not around. And I miss him. And so does she. And life is hella hard.

    I think that if I love deployments and didnt miss my husband there would be a problem. Do I understand that he signed up for this, and that its his job? Sure I do. Do I feel proud? Absolutely.

    But marriage is hard enough without having to deal with the long extended absences of the person I chose to spend my life with. And for that... I say - Deployment, go eff yourself.

  6. Found you through the sharkfest that is Snarky Navy Wife, and I must say, I agree with you about the way people complain about the Navy... especially in Snarky's "F-ed is as f-ed does, and the Navy knows f-ed".

    My husband's been in 15 years. I hate that he misses out on his family, but like you, I don't hate deployment, or the Navy. We've been through the "f@ckage" (as one idiot so eloquently put it), and we're still smiling. I don't think the haters are looking at it in the long run- the Navy is temporary, but marriage is forever.

    You have a great outlook on Navy life, which is probably why you can go through a deployment so well. Kudos! :)