Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Perks in the Work Place

Something to consider when you're in a relationship with someone who is in the military, it is their job. They can't take off whenever they want, they can't call, email, Skype, etc. whenever they want. Why? Because it's a job.

That being said, if YOU have a job- it's the same thing. You can't drop everything you're doing to talk to them if they are able to call, email, etc. I understand wanting to talk to your significant other, trust me, I do. BUT a job is a  responsibility you accept.

Does it suck to miss a call? You betcha, I've been there.

Seeing people bash their employer because they can't stop "working" to chat with their significant other is ridiculous in my opinion. You are not getting paid to converse with your SO.

It's another one of those situations where some military wives feel they are owed something. Just because our loved ones are deployed, doesn't give us the right to go against a company we work for's policy.

It is awesome when jobs have leniency and give us the ability to stop everything we are doing to take a phone call, or respond to an email. However, there is a business to be ran and they hired you to help in it.

Think about it..

You run a business, someone calls for one of your employees- say the person calling isn't deployed, they aren't given the privileged to speak to that person because they are working. You have a military spouse whose husband is calling, but you give that person time to talk... see where I'm getting at?

Just because we are married, dating, mother's of, etc.. does not give up the added luxuries to have added perks in the work place.


  1. I just started work at a secure call center...there is a STRICT no phones on the floor rule. I've heard so many people bitch and moan about maybe missing phone calls. I get it, but we are being paid to work not chat. Great always!

  2. Agreed! I am a middle school teacher and I can't just stop whenever my sailor sends me a text or email. But the flip side of that is that he expects me to! If I dont text back quickly he gets frustrated with me because I wasn't available when he needed me to be. And I tell him... "Babe, I have a job too. You cant stop during a deployment or during training." I tell him to consider my job a job of national security and combat lol Teaching middle school is kind of like warfare I suppose.