Monday, July 23, 2012


Irritated is an understatement- maybe not even irritated, I feel sick and hurt. Maybe I shouldn't, but some things are "Touchy".

When you're on a page- and you don't know WHO or ANYTHING about the moderator(s), don't make judgements. Especially dumb ones.

Saying, "I know whoever runs this page is childless"- because ONE event didn't cater to those who have children, is kind of sad. AND, to associate that with ONE person who replied to your post- calling them "Childless"? It struck a nerve with me.

You don't know me, you don't know who I am, you don't even know my name AND you don't know that I have had Multiple miscarriages. Calling me, "Childless"... just rip my heart out.

Because I don't have any "born" children does not phase my ability to take part in a group that caters to FAMILIES. Being married to my husband.. makes me HIS FAMILY. Just because I don't have kids, and I only have angel babies doesn't make me any less of a family- even if I didn't have angel babies, I would still be a family and apart of the group.

Being "Childless" doesn't hinder my ability to help moderate a page, participate in an organisation, help make decisions with the group or volunteer my time with it.


  1. I'm so sorry Christina. Some people are just hurtful. Having angel babies doesn't make you any less of a mother, you're still a mom no matter what. I've been keeping you in my prayers. I have every confidence that the Lord will one day give you a child for you to hold and cuddle and watch them grow. And you will be a better mother because you know firsthand how precious this child is and you would cherish them with all your heart.

  2. This comment doesn't directly relate to the post I am commenting on...I can't imagine how you feel. I simply wanted to say that your blog has been a great help to me over the past month. I am a new Navy girlfriend and to see your strength, your optimism, and has been a real blessing to me. I don't know you, but I wanted to say thank you and to express my support for you. Thanks so much for your blog and please know that you have the prayers of some anonymous Sailor's girl.

  3. Oh wow. I'm sorry someone said that. I know someone who has had several miscarriages and I see the pain in her face. It breaks my heart.