Friday, March 9, 2012


Today, my husband purchased himself as well as me an Apple iPad. I'm ecstatic! I'm actually blogging from it right now!

I have wanted one for some time now, but couldn't bring myself to purchase one.

I wanted an iPad mainly to use for my photography business, but I'm a stickler for spending extra money. Well, now Apple is preparing to shell out th ipad 3, which means the iPad 2 price drops. I couldn't see waiting for the 3 because the differences are not all that much.. Well.. Different, or great enough for the price difference.

At the NEX, the price of te iPad 2 dropped $100. Which made me very very happy.

 After discussing the pros and cons to buying both my husband and myself an iPad, we decided it is definitely a good investment. Last deployment, my husband and I didnt Skype, nor were there many phone calls. A.) We didn't have the ability to Skype and b.) it's pricey to call from the ship! We knew several people who would spend $500+ very paycheck to talk to their significant other. We didn't want t spend tat much and settled for email, which I didn't mind, I like having my email to look back on and read. However, I would have loved to have a few minutes while he was in port to chit chat and see him. Now, he can call me, or video chat with me through our iPads!

 My husband needed a new laptop, but really, a laptop is too much for him, he needed something more simple and easier to carry around and store in his rack. So far, the iPad has been a perfect choice for what he needs and wants. He's having a little too much un with apps.

We have tested FaceTime and we have skyped his sister in New York. Awesome! Also, the battery life on this thing is amazing. Seriously. My iPad had less battery percentage than my droid, my droid had just come off the charger. I've barely used my phone, and have been playing with my iPad nonstop for about 2 hours. My Phone is going dead, and my iPad still has more tan 60% life-it only had 73% out of the box!

 I plan to start doing paperless contracts with my photography. Yay for being more environmentally friendly! I'm also hoping to start using it for in home ordering for my clients. I have to say, my website looks pretty awesome from my iPad!

 So, here's to starting deployment on a fun note. He and I have something to keep us occupied for a bit. I can already tell, I'm going to be inseparable from my new friend.


  1. Love love love my iPad. Probably the best investment I've made in quite a long time&

  2. YAY for an iPad! My hubby bought me one for Christmas, and I absolutely love it!