Saturday, June 5, 2010

Power of Attorney VS Business Ass Holes

As stated in my last post, this blog is about my furniture shopping experience... more so me using my 'power of attorney' and what happened at 1 furniture store.

Thursday I had went to nearly 7 furniture stores looking for what I want. I'd find a couch I like, but no luck with a coffee table that would look good with it. Started to stress a little, but had to remind myself that there was not immediate rush and I would find one.

The last store we went to Robert's Furniture store, which is just a small place in Hampton. Found the PERFECT couch and Loveseat. I knew of one more place I wanted to look and compare prices before I made the commitment. So, the next day I went to the store called The Dump. Found a lot I liked and at a good price. I like the Couch and Loveseat better at Robert's Furniture, but The Dump was cheaper, so I made my decision to go with the cheaper one that I liked.

I was using my Power of Attorney to put the purchase in my husbands name. I know exactly what I can and can't do with my POA. It's not the standard Military POA, I have 2 separate ones that were written up for me and my husband as a wedding gift. I have complete control over e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. (muahahahaha). All joking aside, I'm technically jobless, so there's no way I would get approved (no one considers my tshirt business a job lol). Well, the hubs has almost no credit (another reason it's going in his name.. build his credit little by little). Because he is practically credit-less.. we, shall I say HE didn't get approved. next option.. cross my finger's for Roberts, and if not there Get the pricier couch I LOVED at Grands.. This is the part where I about lost my temper. Wait for it.. Ok, ya ready? (Several people got irritated when I told this to them. Not at me..  but at the.. well, you'll read for yourself)

I walked in Robert's and a guy asked me what I was looking for. I said, "If you can get my husband approved {pointing to the POA}, I'll be buying that Couch and Loveseat in the back.". He kind of gave and uneasy grin. Greeeaaat. He's going to tell me they won't accept the Power of Attorney. Of course he said he didn't think he could do anything with it. He called his finance company they work with.. and it was confirmed. Won't accept it. They are suppose to accept POAs, but not "required" to. No biggie, I can take my business elsewhere. Their loss. Obviously, this wasn't got my blood boiling.

I was curious. I asked the man why they wouldn't accept it. It is a legal document. CLEARLY stating I have control to open accounts, close them.. everything.. including buying a house all in my Husband's name... and I'm being told I can't use it for a couch,. So, OF COURSE I'm curious as to their reasoning. This is where I get pissed. He said, "The reason we don't and most places won't accept them is because of 'Jodys'. Military wives walk up in here with their boyfriend while their husband is deployed and buy a houseful of furniture, then when the husband comes home.. he comes home to no wife, and she has a houseful of furniture all in his name.". The way he said it.. The way he looked at me when he was saying it. KNOWING I am a Military wife... It was as if he was insinuating I was one of them, and that every military wife was like that.

I had to tell myself be the better person. You're bigger than this, don't let this man get to you. He got to me, but I forced myself to smile and said, "Well, good thing all military wives aren't how you perceive them. Have a good day!", I walked out and got in my car. Wasn't going to let this guy ruin my day. I went to Grands and bought 2 rooms of furniture, in my husband's name, not one problem with my POA. And the lady that works with legal there told me that they are required to accept them and that man was very wrong in not accepting it.

I got a GREAT deal at Grands.. and I'm 100% happy with my purchase.
So screw you Manager guy at Robert's Furniture!


  1. Screw them. Spread the word so that no one spends their hard earned money at a place that stereotypes military wives.

  2. wow! what a douche bag! so what is the point of having a power of attorney if you can't do anything with it? That man was an idiot for 2 reasons...1: for assuming you're one of those mil-wives who would do such a horrid thing, and 2:for being a jack ass and losing your business! Either way he was a jerk but I'm glad it worked out and you got your furniture from Grands! Post some pics when you get it delivered and all set up! :)


  3. I SO could not have held my cool! I'm getting mad and I'm not even there!!! I swear, if anyone says something like that to me while my hubby is gone...they will be getting QUITE the earful. That is incredibly rude and hurtful. Way to stereotype military wives, jackass. Grrrrr.

  4. Oh wow! That's seriously pathetic. I'm sure it happens, but to have a place turn you down because there are a couple of bad wives out there is pretty ridiculous. Although it sounds like you got the good deal since you got to snub them of your business AND get the stuff you wanted for a good price!

  5. I would post this on that website called Angie's List! This is RIDICULOUS! As much military as is in Hampton Roads... FOR SHAME! I only knew one woman who robbed her husband blind for the 25 years I lived and grew up in HR. RIDICULOUS! I'm glad you went with Grands though... I will spread the word about Robert's.

  6. Sadly.... even though you have a POA, he didn't have to accept it. The "Jody" thing has gotten really out of hand, especially where I am. It's like as soon as the man leaves, women go crazy thinking they can do whatevertheheck they want.

    A lot of places that used to take general POAs now require Special POAs or won't take one at all because of what a lot of the wives did last deployment.

    I'm not really understanding why a woman who wants to leave her husband just can't be mature about it. Just leave his stuff alone and leave. Ya know? Because when they do shady things, it reflects badly on ALL of us. Whether we did anything or not.

  7. Oh, this pisses me off. As a newlywed Air Force wife, whose husband is deployed, I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I hope, when the time comes, I can be the bigger person, but I'll likely throw a gigantic fit.

    How terrible. Absolutely terrible.

  8. I agree with Bonnie about the military wife thing. It's women like that who gives us all a bad name.

    He didn't have to accept your POA, but the reason behind it is completely ignorant.

    Either way, I'm glad it worked for you!!!!

  9. Good for you!
    But a great way to build credit is to open an account with Navy Federal Credit Union, and et a VIA Card!
    You keep up the good work. And don't take crap from those civilians.

  10. I'm glad I'm not in the dark about this "Jody" stereotype, never heard of it til now. I have been refused use of my POA before. It can be quite frustrating. I'm so excited for you and your new furniture! Post pics if you can :)

  11. Good for you!! Screw them for being a-holes!

  12. Totally unacceptable of that man! I recently got POA for my hubby - I hope I don't run into issues like that! Glad you resolved everything and had a good (and classy) comeback :) go you!

  13. Thank goodness! Man, that sucks, what a douche... That is so terrible that he said that. I would have said something though, it wouldn't have ruined my day... but I would have put him in his place! LOL.

  14. Their loss indeed! I'm glad you held your own and that you got what you wanted in the end!

  15. What a horrible thing to say! I mean, even to think it is wrong, but to communicate it is just awful. What an idiot.

    And we are neighbors! I live off Andrews (which is off Mercury) in Hampton! We live about 3 miles from Ft. Monroe and 3 miles from Langley AFB. :)

  16. ::jaw on the floor:: Wow! How rude was that?! I have to agree with all of the ladies. His loss in a sale. And also, the "Jody's" are alive and well. Spreading like a bad virus. Especially here in Cali. Glad you were able to get a great deal at the end of the day!

    BTW, I have an award for you on my blog!! I'm sure you have received this and all but, I just had to add you to the list.

  17. Yes well, you saw my post about the stupid POA lol.

    I gave you an award on my blog :)