Sunday, November 24, 2013

"You're Going Against God's Will"

Through mine and my husbands marriage, we've had many many people ask, "Do you have children?", "Why don't you have any children?", "Are you planning to have children?", etc.
Typically I can brush it off unaffected, but deep down it stings. It stings because many people don't know we struggle with holding a pregnancy.

This evening, I read a comment on a post to a popular blog that really got under my skin and raised my blood pressure a little bit. To someone who didn't have or maybe even want children, someone posted something along the lines of, "You're going against God's will", and another comment of, "Someone didn't get the memo of planting seeds and procreating".

To those people who said that, to those people who think that... here's a big middle finger to you.

It angers me so much that I can't think clearly on what to write or put into words everything flooding my mind. It takes me back several years ago when someone commented on my blog with, "Maybe God doesn't want you to have a child.", followed by, "Maybe God thinks you will take a child for granted.". All those emotions... all the anger is surfacing again.

I believe God has a plan for everyone. And I am 100% positive it isn't going against God's will if you don't have children. Some of us don't even have the option, Why? Because right now, God has a different plan for us- whether it be to wait, adopt, foster, etc. It's no place for you to belittle nor place judgement of someone who chooses not to, who chooses to wait or can't.

I may be over reacting, I may be just a little touchy on the matter.. but if you have been through what I have even once, you understand what I'm feeling reading that.

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  1. You will be a beautiful, wonderful mother when that time comes. Of this, I have no doubt. :)